USACUA welcomes NYCUA and Mr. Steve Bucknor within its fold

The USACUA Executive Committee would like to inform all the members that during the Executive Committee meeting, a motion was passed to accept the New York Cricket Umpires Association (NYCUA) as an official cricket umpires’ organization affiliated with USACUA.
Also,  the USACUA President Mr.Danny Khan met with Mr. Steve Bucknor of NYCUA regarding official training officers eligibility. Based on the recommendation of the President Mr. Danny Khan, the USACUA Executive Committee has voted to accept Mr. Steve Bucknor as an official training officer for USACUA.
USACUA wishes good luck to NYCUA  and welcomes to Mr. Steve Bucknor to be part of USACUA.

2018 Membership Dues

The President of the Association Mr. Danny Khan, has announced that all the Association is now accepting dues for the year 2018 from its members.

All Finances must be paid by check to the Association. Please make the Checks payable to “Secretary of USACUA” or “Treasurer of USACUA” and mail them to:

Attn: Secretary/Treasurer
PO Box 1471
Valley Stream NY 11582

Please do not send cash. The Association will not collect or receive cash from any member. Your cooperation is solicited in this regard.