About Us

The United States of America Cricket Umpire’s Association (USACUA) is the premier umpire organization in the United States of America. With over 400 clubs and 106 leagues throughout the country, there exists a tremendous potential to train as many interested individuals from the cricketing community as possible to become future umpires and scorers.

We aim to bring the level of gentleman-ness back to the game of cricket. Our main focus is to impart complete knowledge of the laws of the sport to not just as many umpires as possible but also to heads of clubs, leagues, captains, and other cricket organizations with a view to raising the general understanding of the sport and it’s laws. This could only make the functioning of the sport withing the USA that much more efficient and enjoyable to all those who are involved with it.

We have been successfully training many throughout the United States on a steady basis. Our training officers have even traveled to many different states within the USA in an effort to achieve the above aims.

All it takes is that correspondence from and individual or organization.

One’s lack of knowledge of the laws may lead to disrepute, misunderstanding and discord. Our aim is to also enhance a working relationship with leaders of the leagues, clubs, cricket teams and any other cricket organization, including lovers of the sport in the US cricket community.