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WICUA Practical Assessment Form Released for 2010

The USACUA Training Committee has released the Assessment Form that shall be used to assess Candiates based on their Practical Exam, i.e., umpiring in 6 matches.

The Form can be downloaded here.

The above file has 6 copies of the same Assessment Form, one for each of the 6 Assessments, and hence, each Assessor.

Each Practical Exam candidate is expected to print out one such form and take it to the Assessor during each of the matches stipulated to be their Practical Assessments.

USACUA Announces Dates For AGM, Training Sessions And Graduation Ceremony

The following is a message from Mr. Roan McFarlane, Secretary of the USACUA:

Annual General Meeting / Training Sessions / Graduation

Dear Members,

Our Annual General Meeting, Yearly Training Sessions of USACUA, Inc. are schedule for the following dates and tentative date for our Annual Graduation Dinner/Dance.
Annual Training Sessions – January 10, 2010 at 1:00pm

Note: Training Sessions every Sunday Jan 10 – April 25, 2009 (Exam)
Time: 1pm – 4pm
Please note that USACUA supervise training sessions will be held outside Brooklyn, New York on dates and times to be confirm.

Presentation Dance

Tentative date: Saturday May 01, 2010

Day: Sunday, February 21, 2010
Time: 1:00PM
Place: 1012 Ralph Avenue
(Between Tilden and Snyder Avenues)
Brooklyn New York 11203

AGM Agenda

  1. Welcome & Greetings
  2. Review Minutes of Previous AGM Meeting
  3. Correction and Confirmation of Minutes Previous (AGM)
  4. Review Correspondences
  5. Review the Secretary’s Report
  6. Review Report from Committees
  7. Review the President’s Annual Report
  8. Review the Treasurer’s Report
  9. Any Other Business
  10. Adjournment

Roan McFarlane
Secretary USACUA, Inc.


WICUA 2008 Oral & Practical Examination Results Announced


Results of the 2008 WICUA Oral & Practical Examinations
Pratical: 60%, Oral: 40%
(Passing Score: 80%)
 Territories Last First Results
Barbados ALLEYNE Clyde Pass
SANIFORD Andrew Pass
COSSEY Cossey Pass
EDWARDS DeVerre Pass
NURSE Michael Pass
TAYLOR Winston C. Fail
Canada SINGH Bishan Pass
DEONARINE Samaroo Pass
IAN Vernon Pass
Cayman Islands LIVINGSTON Bailey Pass
Guyana NICHOLS Mario Pass
GARNATH Cyril P. Pass
KISSOON Mathew W. Pass
Jamaica MINOT Jermaine Pass
MORGAN Everton Pass
McKOY Jomo Pass
McCALLA Claude Pass
JAMES Raymond Fail
LEE Ansel Fail
LYONS Walton Fail
Leeward Islands SHOUTEN Dirk A. J. D. Pass
LEWIS Ivor Pass
NEWTON Lewis Pass
RICHARDS Linden Fail
PHILLIPS Felix D. W. Fail
Trinidad & Tobago TOBY Joel Pass
JONES Rhonda Pass
BHAGWAT Bickram Pass
ABDOOL Abzool Pass
KENNEDY Steve Pass
ALI Tara Fail
ALI Ibrahim Fail
NAIPAUL Joseph Fail
YOUNG David Lee Fail
Windward Islands (St. Lucia) MATHURIN John Pass
MODESTE Clarence Pass
THOMAS Lancelot Pass
SOTILLEO Carlton Pass

Key Facts & Figures:

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Jermaine Minot of JAMAICA, Mr. Athol Hamilton of JAMAICA, and Mr. Carlton Sotilleo of the USA for attaining the highest marks of 94%, 93%, and 93% respectively.

A total of 44 candidates appeared for the Oral & Practical examinations. 31 of these were successful amounting to a success-rate of 70%

As far as the USACUA was concerned, our success rate was 100% as ALL 4 who participated in these examinations passed.


WICUA 2008 Final Written Examination Results Announced

Results of the 2008 WICUA Final Written Examinations
(Passing Score: 70%)
 Territories Last First Results
Barbados REIFER Leslie Pass
SIVERS Paul Fail
Canada VELLAMBI Mallikarjunan Pass
RAJOO Dennis Pass
BUDHOO Rabindranauth Pass
PERSAUD James Pass
BAKER Howard Fail
Cayman Islands SEALY Ricardo Pass
Guyana MOAKAN Zahir Pass
PERSAUD Ramdar Pass
LACKHAN Herbert Fail
PERSAUD Bohwanie Fail
Jamaica TAYLOR Christopher Pass
FRANCIS Courtney Pass
GARIB Alvin Pass
COLQUHOUN Bernard Pass
FLEMMING Geoffrey Pass
ROWE Malachi Pass
THOMAS Milton Pass
JOHNSON Grady Pass
SMITH Verol K. Pass
DALBERRY Wilfred Pass
WILLIAMS Jacqueline Pass
NEITA Michael Fail
MINDLEY Brian Fail
RUSSELL Sherman Fail
St. Lucia MATTHEW-JOHN Francis Pass
SERIEUX Julian Fail
St. Maarten MOOKLALL Lochan Pass
St. Croix HENRY Ishmael B Fail
Trinidad RAMLOGAN Bhagwandass Pass
SINGH James Pass
RAJKUMAR Lyndon Pass
HINDS Dominic Pass
GHANY Fyzool Pass
SOOKRAM Seukaran Pass
LEWIS John Pass
BARRAN Parbatee Pass
DANIEL Dane Pass
RENALIS Martin Pass
ABDOOL Hakim Pass
LAKHRAM Stephen Fail
DABIDEEN Vishwa Fail
DOOKHOOL Collin Fail
RAMNATH Deolal Fail
MANGAL Victor Pass
BURCHELL Kenneth Pass
POORAN Trilochan Fail

Key Facts & Figures:

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Zakir Moakhan of GUYANA for attaining the highest marks of 83%.

A total of 50 candidates wrote this examination and 36 were successful amounting to a success-rate of 72%As far as the USACUA was concerned, our success rate was 75%