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USACUA General Body 2015 Election Results

The USACUA General Body convened Sunday, Feb 15th, 2015 to conduct it regular business and also elect the new Executives for the 2015-16 session.

The election officers Mr. Clarence Modeste, Mr. Jay Singh and Mr. Wilton Ricketts laid out a smooth election process that was conducted fairly and efficiently. The following members were elected to their posts:

President Mr. Fitzroy I. Hayles

Vice-President Mr. Danny Khan

Secretary Mr. Mohamed S. Baksh

Asst. Secretary Mr. Ravishankar Byrappagowda

Treasurer Mr. Qayaam Farrouq

Chief Training Officer Mr. Mohamed N. Baksh

Public Relations Officer Mr. Carl Patrick

Trustees Ms. Grace Carrington and Ms. Aileen Naughton


After the elections, all elected officers thanked the general body and spoke of working together to achieve the common goals of the umpires. The President Mr. Hayles released a statement urging the Members and the Executive to work together for the betterment of the Association.

Mr. Mohamed S. Baksh, who was elected unopposed as the Association Secretary, spoke of the urgency of working together. “Now that the election season is over, it is incumbent upon all of our members of USACUA to work together in unison and harmony to realize the objectives of our Association. We must as an unified body provide unconditional support to each other and to the endeavors of our Association.”, he said. The other Executives pledged to work to improving the Association’s image and strengthening the foundation of the Association.

A press release from the Executives read, “The new Executive Body will do everything within its authority to provide effective and efficient leadership to USACUA in an effort to promote amongst other things, the further advancement of the Association and development of each member. Members are hereby urged to provide support towards the hosting of the WICUA Convention which is scheduled to be held in New York in July 2015. Let us join hands to promote and develop USACUA together.”


Letter from the USACUA President Mr. Hayles.

USACUA AGM held in Brooklyn NYC

The USACUA Annual General Meeting was held in Brooklyn NYC. More than 100 umpires were present at the meeting.

Due to the non-availability of the minutes of the meeting of the previous AGM, it was unanimously decided to conduct another AGM in a couple of months to provide the Secretary ample time to complete the minutes of the previous AGM and present it to the members of USACUA.

The rest of the business was conducted with usual fanfare. The President’s Presentation available for members for their perusal.

The Chief Training Officer presented the certificates to the members who passed the examinations. The membership warmly congratulated those members who were successful in being nominated to the ICC Americas Panel.

More details of the second AGM will be announced as and when they are made available.

USACUA AGM 2014 – President’s Presentation

USACUA Annual General Meeting on Sunday March 4th, 2012 – 2:00pm

USACUA President Mr. Fitzroy Hayles has announced that the Annual General Meeting of the Association wil be held on:
Sunday, March 4, 2012 – 2:00pm sharp

The Location:
1012 Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11233
(Beween Tilden and Snyder)

The agenda of the meeting shall be as follows:

  • Review the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
  • Correction and confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
  • Review correspondences
  • Review the Secretary’s report
  • Review reports from committees
  • Review the President’s annual report
  • Review the Treasurer’s report
  • Conduct any other business that may properly come before the meeting


All Association Members are requested to attend the meeting.


USACUA calls first AGM of 2009

The following is a memo from Mr. Fitzroy Hayles, Vice President of USACUA:

Fellow Member:

This is to inform you that the Annual General meeting (AGM) of the United States of America Cricket Umpires’ Inc. will be held:

Sunday February 15, 2009
Time:    1:00PM
Place:   Lucas Sport Club
1012 Ralph Avenue
(Between Tilden & Snyder Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY 11203

1.    Welcome
2.    Correspondence
3.    Minutes of Past AGM & Corrections of the Minutes
4.    Matters Arising from the Minutes
5.    Reports from Committees
a.    Public Relations Committee
b.    Training & Examination
6.    Secretary’s Report
7.    Treasurer’s Report
8.    Report from the President
9.    Adjournment for Elections of Officers
10.    Induction of new executive
11.    President ‘s Response

Please be advised that members MUST be in good financial standing to part-take in the election process. All inquiries and information can be forwarded to the Secretary at email:  RMcFarlane@kingsbrook.org, Vice President Fitz Hayles at telephone (347)415-2061 or at email: FHayles2@aol.com, PRO Carl Patrick at email: Maroonmanx@aol.com, or Treasurer Ray Simmonds at email: simmo253@aol.com.

In conformity with the Constitution, members who cannot attend but who wishes to participate in the electoral process can do so by Proxy (absentee balloting). All absentee ballots (proxy) must be received by the Secretary no later than Friday February 6, 2009. Any proxy received after Friday February 6, 2009 will not be eligible for electoral process.

Members, who wish to table item for discussion, must submit same electronically to the Secretary in a timely manner.

Respectfully Yours
Fitzroy I. Hayles for Secretary