USACUA AGM Resumption scheduled for April 27, 2014

In keeping with the mandate from the AGM of Sunday February 23, 2014, it charged that a date be set 2 months from the said AGM.
It is therefore important to advise, that Sunday April 27, 2014 established for such resumption.
The AGM will resume on  Sunday April 27, 2014
Time:    3.00pm
Dumamis Seventh Day Adventist Church
461 Montauk Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11208.
Continuation of AGM of February 23, 2014
1.    Minutes of Last AGM (AGM 2012, AGM 2013)
2.    Correction and Confirmation
3.    Matters arising from Minutes
4.    Reports from Committees
5.    Financial report
6.    Any other business
7.    Adjournment
All members were notified by email regarding the AGM.

USACUA AGM held in Brooklyn NYC

The USACUA Annual General Meeting was held in Brooklyn NYC. More than 100 umpires were present at the meeting.

Due to the non-availability of the minutes of the meeting of the previous AGM, it was unanimously decided to conduct another AGM in a couple of months to provide the Secretary ample time to complete the minutes of the previous AGM and present it to the members of USACUA.

The rest of the business was conducted with usual fanfare. The President’s Presentation available for members for their perusal.

The Chief Training Officer presented the certificates to the members who passed the examinations. The membership warmly congratulated those members who were successful in being nominated to the ICC Americas Panel.

More details of the second AGM will be announced as and when they are made available.

USACUA AGM 2014 – President’s Presentation

USACUA Annual General Meeting announced for Feb 23, 2014

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the United States of America Cricket Umpires Association, Inc (USACUA) will be held:

Date: Sunday February 23, 2014

Place: Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center
585 Schenectady Avenue
(between Winthrop Street & Rutland Road)
Brooklyn, NY 11203

Time: 2:00pm sharp

This is a adjustment in the date to satisfy the Constitutional Requirement for the 30 approved notice to all members.
ALL members shall be provided notices in writing at least thirty [30] days prior to the scheduled date of
the Annual General Meeting.


The agenda of the meeting shall be as follows:
[I] Review the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
[II] Correction and confirmation of the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
[III] Review correspondences
[IV] Review the Secretary’s report
[V] Review reports from committees
[VI] Review the President’s annual report
[VII] Review the Treasurer’s report
[VIII] Conduct any other business that may properly come before the meeting

USACUA to host the 2015 WICUA Convention

United States of America Cricket Umpires’ Association graciously accepted the invitation to host the 2015 West Indies Cricket Umpires’ Association Biennial Convention.

The announcement by USA Delegate Mr. Mohammed N. Baksh was met with loud cheers and applause. Mr. Baksh asked all umpires to apply early for US visas and also indicated that USACUA will provide all required letters and documentations to their respective member countries for the visa applications.

An informal poll among the participants indicated that New York is the front runner for hosting this prestigious convention followed by Florida, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

It is believed that New York was the choice of the umpires, since many have family and friends in the area.

USACUA President and WICUA Area I Vice-President, Mr. Fitzroy Hayles said that he was thrilled that USA was chosen to host the 2015 convention and will announce the details as they are made available.

USA well represented at 2013 WICUA Convention in Trinidad

USA Cricket Umpires’ Association members were at the recently concluded West Indies Cricket Umpires’ Association Biennial Convention in Trinidad at the Cascadia Hotel in St. Anns.

The USA delegates were Mr. Mohammed N. Baksh and Mr. Partap Bachan.

A new Executive Committee was elected at the convention. Mr. Fitzroy Hayles, who serves as the President of the USACUA and as the Area I Vice-President for the WICUA was reelected unopposed to the same position.

The convention lasted six days from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony and the Awards and Dinner Banquet at which various awards and certificates where distributed.

Most senior members, current and retired were honored at the Awards Banquet for their contributions to WICUA, Umpiring and Cricket in general. WICUA is celebrating its 50th year in existence.

The WICB President Mr. Dave Cameron from Jamaica was the guest of honor at the Awards Banquet.

USACUA agreed to host the 2015 WICUA convention.

USACUA wishes to sincerely thank the Executive Committee Members, Delegates, Observers and well-wishers for their continued support.

USACUA also wishes to thank the Trinidad Scorers and Umpires Council for their hospitality and hosting the 2013 convention.

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