New and current USACUA Members who are interested in  obtaining their WICUA Certifications shall be required to attend at least 75% of the training seminars to qualify for the examinations conducted each year by WICUA.

USACUA is a certified training center for WICUA examinations and certifications. Members who have successfully completed the USACUA certifications and WICUA Written Examination will be eligible for the “WICUA Practical and WICUA Oral Examinations.

After the candidates have completed their practical assessments over SIX games by qualified assessors throughout the USA or the West Indies, they will be eligible to appear for the WICUA Oral Examination.

The Practical and Oral Examinations together are considered to be the final phase in becoming a “Fully Certified” Umpire of the WICUA (and, by extension, of the USACUA).  In this phase, the practical assessments shall carry 60% weight and the oral examination, 40%.

The WICUA Final Oral Examination will be administered by a WICUA Training Committee member, usually in person, within the USA.

A three or four member panel will evaluate the umpire through a set of questions and the answers.

This will be the final examination to becoming a fully certified WICUA umpire.