New and current USACUA Members who are interested in obtaining their USACUA Certifications shall be required to attend at least 75% of the training seminars to qualify for the examinations conducted each year by USACUA.

This second of these examinations will be the “USACUA Final Written Examination.

This examination will be administered to the qualifying  members in April of each year by the USACUA Training Committee

The overall Certification process followed by the USACUA is as follows:

  • Must attend a minimum of 75% of the training session
  • Must have successfully passed the USACUA Preliminary Written Examination previously
  • Must successfully complete the Written exam with at least 70% passing grade

Once a member has passed the USACUA Preliminary and Final Examinations, the member will be eligible to take the WICUA Written Examination the subsequent year.