United States of America Cricket Umpires’ Association graciously accepted the invitation to host the 2015 West Indies Cricket Umpires’ Association Biennial Convention.

The announcement by USA Delegate Mr. Mohammed N. Baksh was met with loud cheers and applause. Mr. Baksh asked all umpires to apply early for US visas and also indicated that USACUA will provide all required letters and documentations to their respective member countries for the visa applications.

An informal poll among the participants indicated that New York is the front runner for hosting this prestigious convention followed by Florida, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

It is believed that New York was the choice of the umpires, since many have family and friends in the area.

USACUA President and WICUA Area I Vice-President, Mr. Fitzroy Hayles said that he was thrilled that USA was chosen to host the 2015 convention and will announce the details as they are made available.

USACUA to host the 2015 WICUA Convention