The following is an email from USACUA President, Mr. Fitzroy Hayles, with regards to the upcoming ICC Under 15 games to be held in NY City on August 16 through 23 rd. 2009

Click here for the Official Flier of the tournament

The following issues were topics of discussion in a meeting with USACA Cricket Operations chair:

  1. USACUA is asked to submit a panel of nine (9) umpires to ICC/USACA
  2. Fee for the tournament is $75.00 per game. USACA is trying to secure a higher match fee of $100.00 for umpires. More info shall be provided as it becomes available.
  3. Match is scheduled for Gateway Park.
  4. Three countries participation: Canada, USA and Bermuda.
  5. One match per day, three umpires needed (two on-field umpires plus one umpire to serve as cricket manager/third Umpire)
  6. Duckworth/Lewis method will be used to establish target score. Third umpire responsible for Duckworth/Lewis processing
  7. Room and board will **NOT** be provided by ICC/ USACA


  1. Interested umpires are asked to advise USACUA of their availability for the tournament as soon as possible.
  2. Only USACUA ‘Tier One’ umpires will be appointed for the tournament.
  3. Members should be aware that only nine umpires will be empanelled for the tournament.
  4. Umpires are not guaranteed assignments on special requested dates.
  5. Rules and playing conditions are attached for your information. Click here for the document containing these special regulations.
  6. ICC/USACA has requested a meeting with all participating umpires before the tournament.
  7. Aa is customary, USACUA’s Training Committee will conduct their own training for the tournament at a later date.
  8. It shall be confirmed from the ICC/USACA whether umpires’ uniforms will be provided for the tournament.
  9. If not, all participating umpires MUST be attired in USACUA uniforms. Such uniform is to CLEARLY DISPLAY USACUA logo on the headwear and shirt. NO EXCEPTIONS shall be made to this rule. USACUA hats and polo shirts are available for purchase.

Further updates shall be provided as they become available.
Fitz Hayles
President, USACUA Inc.

USACUA Asked to Nominate Umpires for ICC Americas U-15 Tournament
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