As part of an ambitious plan to stretch its already wide wingspan of influence all across the USA, the USACUA has announced that it will partner with the New Jersey State Cricket AND Umpires’ Association and begin weekly umpires’ training sessions in New Jersey.

These will mirror the currently conducted sessions (sometimes referred to as seminars) in Brooklyn, NY. These training sessions are intended to impart knowledge about the ‘Laws of Cricket’ to developing umpires and, at the same time, keep the experienced and qualified umpires abreast with the changes in the MCC codes (if any) as well as to regurgitate and refresh their memories before every new season.

The training will be conducted in New Jersey by USACUA’s own Assistant Secretary, Gokul R. Chakravarthy who is also a member of its training committee.

Click here for more up-to-date information and details on enrolling in this course.

USACUA to Start Umpires’ Training Course in New Jersey
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