United States of America Cricket Umpires Association Inc. ‘s (USACUA) own Umpire, Ivor Stephens, will be inducted in the United States of America Cricket Hall of Fame on October 2, 20101. Umpire Stephens will be one of six new inductees to receive this prestigious honor, and will join four other USACUA members in the Hall of Fame.

Umpire Stephens was born in Jamaica, and started, developed and perfected his skills doing matches at the highest levels in his country. He migrated to the United States of America and was a founding member of USACUA who has helped to form the now national association in this country.

He has given much to the game of cricket and has contributed yeomanly to the training and certification of umpires in the USA.  Known among his peers as the most “well dressed umpire” to grace the field, Umpire Stephens is a sharp witted, but a no nonsense arbitrator on the field of play. He is not afraid to net out discipline to players, and always command respect for the game.

Currently “semi retired  from active umpiring, he still share his knowledge with those who aspire to learn the craft of umpire.


Umpire Ivor Stephens to be inducted in USA Cricket Hall of Fame
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