WICUA will be conducting the 2011 Oral Examinations at two centers, Brooklyn NY and Fort Lauderdale FL. Both centers will conduct the WICUA Oral Examinations on December 11, 2011 at 9:00AM sharp.

A $10 fee will be charged by WICUA and payable to WICUA to be eligible to take on the Oral Examinations.

Center 1:

Lucas Sports Club
1012, Ralph Avenue,
Brooklyn NY

Contacts: Mr. Hammy Reid (917-741-7991) and/or Mr. Fitzroy Hayles
Examiners: To be determined.

Center 2:

Address to be announced
Fort Lauderdale FL

Contacts: Mr. Astor Carroll (305-654-879)
Examiners: Basdoe Dookie (Canada)
Local Examiners: Hubert Smythe and Mohamed Baksh

Eligible Umpires
Augustine Francis – Georgia
Ephraim Robertson – Georgia
Carl Miles – Georgia
Wesley McIntosh – Massachusetts
Macmillan Diah – Florida
Babu Venkatachalapathy – Texas
Ravishankar Byrappagowda – California
Mihir Patel – New Jersey
Premdath Mangale – Florida
Deepak Katte – New Jersey
Nazar Ali – Connecticut
Lynden McLaren – Massachusetts
Royland Williams – Florida
Ram Ragoo – Maryland
Mohamed Baksh – New York
Sugan Kumar – Connecticut
Astor Carroll – Florida
Chandrasekharan Raman – New Jersey
Shinivas Reddy Chirra – New Jersey
Edward Clarke – Massachusetts
John Williams – Connecticut

WICUA Oral Exams Information
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