WICUA Oral Exams Information

WICUA will be conducting the 2011 Oral Examinations at two centers, Brooklyn NY and Fort Lauderdale FL. Both centers will conduct the WICUA Oral Examinations on December 11, 2011 at 9:00AM sharp.

A $10 fee will be charged by WICUA and payable to WICUA to be eligible to take on the Oral Examinations.

Center 1:

Lucas Sports Club
1012, Ralph Avenue,
Brooklyn NY

Contacts: Mr. Hammy Reid (917-741-7991) and/or Mr. Fitzroy Hayles
Examiners: To be determined.

Center 2:

Address to be announced
Fort Lauderdale FL

Contacts: Mr. Astor Carroll (305-654-879)
Examiners: Basdoe Dookie (Canada)
Local Examiners: Hubert Smythe and Mohamed Baksh

Eligible Umpires
Augustine Francis – Georgia
Ephraim Robertson – Georgia
Carl Miles – Georgia
Wesley McIntosh – Massachusetts
Macmillan Diah – Florida
Babu Venkatachalapathy – Texas
Ravishankar Byrappagowda – California
Mihir Patel – New Jersey
Premdath Mangale – Florida
Deepak Katte – New Jersey
Nazar Ali – Connecticut
Lynden McLaren – Massachusetts
Royland Williams – Florida
Ram Ragoo – Maryland
Mohamed Baksh – New York
Sugan Kumar – Connecticut
Astor Carroll – Florida
Chandrasekharan Raman – New Jersey
Shinivas Reddy Chirra – New Jersey
Edward Clarke – Massachusetts
John Williams – Connecticut