The dates for WICUA Final Written and Oral Examinations have been set.
WICUA Final Examination: August 27 2017 and
WICUA Oral Examination: September 24 2017
Eligible candidates are asked to prepare themselves for these examinations. Candidates who were successful at the last WICUA Final Written examination are asked to ensure that they complete their assessments by the end of the first week in September 2017.
The completed assessment forms MUST be forwarded to Training Officer:
Mohamed N. Baksh
138 Lincoln Avenue Brooklyn
New York 11208
within the set time frame so that he could tabulate the scores and forward them to WICUA Training Officer.
If you have any questions, please contact USACUA President Mr. Danny Khan – (516) 800 5222 or Secretary Mr. Mohamed S. Baksh – (347) 218 3906.
WICUA Final Written and Oral Examinations for 2017 Announced