In an effort to promote fairness to the local umpires while providing better opportunities to overseas umpires, the President of USACUA Mr. Danny Khan has announced the following rules for local leagues to follow:

All overseas umpires coming to the US to umpire in the local leagues, must PRODUCE appropriate certifications to the USACUA. They may send the appropriate papers to the Secretary of the USACUA, and thus register themselves as an overseas umpire with the USACUA.

If they are unable to produce appropriate certifications and register with USACUA, the overseas umpires will not be allowed to officiate in the leagues under the auspices of USACUA.

USACUA urges all cricket leagues in the USA to adhere to these guidelines.

For additional details, please contact the USACUA Secretary at

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

USACUA Announces New Rules For Overseas Umpires