USACUA Officials with Mr. Peter NeroUSACUA President Mr. Danny Khan, USACUA Chief Training Officer Mr. Mohamed N. Baksh, and USACUA Secretary Mohamed S. Baksh called on ICC and Trinidad Umpire Mr. Peter John Nero on June 2nd, 2017.

Mr. Nero has been traveling through the USA Eastern States discussing and presenting umpiring related materials to various Cricket Leagues and Umpires’ Associations from Florida, through Georgia, New York, and Massachusetts.

The USACUA Officials discussed various matters related to Umpiring in the USA, standards of Umpires in the USA, and pathway for umpires from the USA to the international arena.

Mr. Nero, a well-respected and popular ICC Umpire from Trinidad and Tobago, is running for the post of the WICUA Chief Training Officer at the WICUA Convention in Jamaica.

Mr Nero, if successful, will replace the current long-standing WICUA Chief Training Officer Mr. Clyde Cumberbatch.

Meeting of the Minds in New York
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