Son of USACUA Member Passes Away

The following is a message from Mr. Fitzroy I. Hayles, President of the USACUA:

Sadly reporting the death of Roy Taylor Jr., son of Roy Taylor of the Bronx Posse on Saturday Feb. 21st. 2009.

Roy Jr. passed away Saturday night May 20th Funeral arrangement will be provided at a later date.

You can send well wishes to Mr. Taylor and family at Home (718 994 5055) Cell: (646 284 4417)

WICUA 2008 Oral & Practical Examination Results Announced


Results of the 2008 WICUA Oral & Practical Examinations
Pratical: 60%, Oral: 40%
(Passing Score: 80%)
 Territories Last First Results
Barbados ALLEYNE Clyde Pass
SANIFORD Andrew Pass
COSSEY Cossey Pass
EDWARDS DeVerre Pass
NURSE Michael Pass
TAYLOR Winston C. Fail
Canada SINGH Bishan Pass
DEONARINE Samaroo Pass
IAN Vernon Pass
Cayman Islands LIVINGSTON Bailey Pass
Guyana NICHOLS Mario Pass
GARNATH Cyril P. Pass
KISSOON Mathew W. Pass
Jamaica MINOT Jermaine Pass
MORGAN Everton Pass
McKOY Jomo Pass
McCALLA Claude Pass
JAMES Raymond Fail
LEE Ansel Fail
LYONS Walton Fail
Leeward Islands SHOUTEN Dirk A. J. D. Pass
LEWIS Ivor Pass
NEWTON Lewis Pass
RICHARDS Linden Fail
PHILLIPS Felix D. W. Fail
Trinidad & Tobago TOBY Joel Pass
JONES Rhonda Pass
BHAGWAT Bickram Pass
ABDOOL Abzool Pass
KENNEDY Steve Pass
ALI Tara Fail
ALI Ibrahim Fail
NAIPAUL Joseph Fail
YOUNG David Lee Fail
Windward Islands (St. Lucia) MATHURIN John Pass
MODESTE Clarence Pass
THOMAS Lancelot Pass
SOTILLEO Carlton Pass

Key Facts & Figures:

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Jermaine Minot of JAMAICA, Mr. Athol Hamilton of JAMAICA, and Mr. Carlton Sotilleo of the USA for attaining the highest marks of 94%, 93%, and 93% respectively.

A total of 44 candidates appeared for the Oral & Practical examinations. 31 of these were successful amounting to a success-rate of 70%

As far as the USACUA was concerned, our success rate was 100% as ALL 4 who participated in these examinations passed.


Former Test Umpire Compton Vyfhuis of Guyana Passes Away

The following is a message from Mr. Vivian Johnson, Secretary of the WICUA:


Please be informed that former Test Umpire Compton Vyfhuis of Guyana died last week. Funeral service will be on Friday January 30 in Guyana. Persons wishing to attend should contact Mr. Grantley Culbard as indicated in the email below.

We again wish to offer our deepest condolences to his family and the cricket umpiring fraternity of Guyana.




USACA gives USACUA mandate to propose plans to standardize and unify umpiring efforts across the USA

The Executive Board of USACA, at its recently held AGM on Jan 25, 2009, discussed at length the long-standing request by the USACUA to be recognized as the primary body to train, certify, and represent umpires across the USA.

The USACUA was represented at the AGM by its Vice President, Mr. Fitzroy I. Hayles and Assistant Secretary Mr. Gokul R. Chakravarthy. Several questions were raised ranging from, but not limited to, the legitimacy of the USACUA’s claim to be qualified to be the aforementioned body to how umpires outside of the New York area will have access to training and guidance resources.

The President of the USACA, Mr. Gladstone Dainty, at one point mentioned that USACUA already has a comprehensive training and certification process in place and hence should be given an opportunity to try and assimilate all the umpires from across USA into one body as opposed to re-inventing the wheel. Mr. Dainty shared the concerns of the USACUA that in spite of the existence of vastly talented umpires in the USA, none of them was appointed in the recently held ICC Americas tournaments of varying grades.

Based on this as well as an earlier report and the subsequent “Q&A” session from ICC America’s director Mr. Martin Viera, it was also apparent that this was due to the lack of a unified body representing umpires from across USA which the USACA recognizes that the ICC can then directly appoint umpires from or with the recommendation thereof.

To this end, the USACUA has been given 2 months to come back with a proposal.